Brochures are a great way to put information at the customer’s fingertips. A single sheet of paper with several folds, a brochure is perfect when you have too much information to squeeze into a flyer, and too little to fill up a booklet.

Brochures are most commonly used as a promotional material. Many companies love to promote their products and services in this format, because the information can be laid out in a quick and easy-to-read manner.

But that is not the only use of a brochure. As its size and layout makes it very versatile, a brochure can be used in a variety of ways.

Here are some other alternative uses of a brochure:

Product or Instruction Manuals

A brochure can be used as a product or instruction manual. The folds in a brochure function almost as pages, and you can divide them into different sections for pictures or diagrams, step-by-step instructions, important product details and more. This is a good option especially when you want the information to be quickly and easily processed.

As brochures are thin and flat, they can also be included within a product’s packaging, and it is convenient for consumers to keep for future reference.

Educational Guides

Have you realised that clinics, banks and tourist information centres have a waiting area full of brochures?

They make great handouts when you want to create awareness or spread information. With different brochures covering different topics, this allows the reader to choose what they want to read at the pace they are comfortable with, rather than be overwhelmed by too much information at once.

It is also relatively cheaper and easier to update and print brochures as and when new information arises, compared to books and magazines.

Price Lists and Menus

Brochures are gaining popularity as a format for menus, because the layout makes it easy to view and compare options. It is especially ideal as take-out menus, since the folded format allows customers to carry them around.

Besides that, some businesses also give out their price lists in the form of a brochure – spas and hair salons are among those that frequently do this.

If you use brochures as your menu or price list, don’t forget to include your contact details so that customers can easily get in touch to order food or to book pamper sessions.


Brochures make good invitations too, whether for personal parties or business events. One of the benefits of using brochure invitations is that they can include more information and even images in your design.

With the choice of bi-fold or tri-fold, you can be creative in making the invitation layout easy for viewing and also keeping. You can even make one of the panels a tear-off section, that functions as a RSVP slip.


Application forms, order forms, Register of Interest forms. There are tonnes of forms to fill up for various reasons.

Instead of printing forms in one big sheet of paper, you can choose to have them in brochure format. This makes it easy for customers to take the forms with them, and fill them out whenever convenient.

Some of the folds or sections can also have concise information or details or even instructions that the customer might need to know of when filling out the forms.

These are the five different ways you can use a brochure, but really, it is all up to your creativity and imagination. If you have any ideas you want to explore, or if you want more information for top quality and cost-effective brochure printing, contact Online Quality Printing today!