You know brand awareness is critical to long-term business success, but how can your small business compete against large corporations with uber-deep pockets? With affordable marketing tools such as door hangers. Door hanger printing is a fantastic way to put your brand in front of an ultra-targeted audience for minimal investment.

The following details how to print door hangers that boost brand awareness for your small business.

Print door hangers to reach targeted audiences

Door hanger marketing makes it easy to get your brand in front of well-targeted audiences. Identify those audiences by location: Where do your customers live?

You can target neighborhoods according to demographics such as income, home value and size, employment status, marital and family status, age, and other factors.

For example, if your target audience consists of families with household incomes of $100,000 to $150,000, you can identify neighborhoods where those people live and distribute door hangers door-to-door.

Another way to target customers is by proximity to your location, especially if you offer a product or service everyone needs. For example, an appliance store might distribute door hangers to every residential address in a three-mile radius.

Peer targeting is yet another way to get your door hangers in potential customers’ hands. For example, if you’re at a client’s home, you can distribute door hangers to their nearest neighbors — people are who likely to share similar demographics and therefore, be in your target market.

This strategy is successfully employed by many service-based companies: landscapers, painters, lawnmowers, carpenters and roofers.

Design door hangers for powerful branding

Door hangers are impossible to ignore. They’re not lumped in the mailbox with “junk” mail; rather, they hang alone on doorknobs. That means they must be seen, touched and handled — even if some are simply tossed in the trash.

Though door hangers can certainly fuel immediate sales with special offers and time-limited coupons, the ultimate goal here is branding. Thus, your door hanger designers should prominently feature your brand. Recipients should recognize your brand as they approach their doors, so make your logo large and fill your door hangers with your company colors.

Your tagline should be big, bold and easy to read; and your design should visually convey what you do and the benefits of choosing your company.

Even if recipients don’t buy now, strong branded visuals will help them remember you when they are ready to buy: the hallmark of excellent branding.

Repeat door hanger distribution regularly

Repetition is a tried-and-true branding tenet. The more your audience is exposed to your brand; the more likely customers will buy from you. Thus, door hanger marketing isn’t a one-and-done deal. You need to develop a strategy to distribute door hangers on a regular basis.

Commit to distributing door hangers monthly, every six weeks or every quarter. Measure response by tracking coupon codes or simply monitoring customer addresses to see if they originate from your door hanger distribution routes.

Consider how timing factors into response rates.

For example, if you sell big-ticket items, you’ll likely see a spike in sales during tax return season. If you sell lawn care, spring and summer are probably your busiest months. Develop a door hanger marketing strategy that reaches customers well in advance so you can establish your brand authority; then, strike with a hot deal when the timing is right.

Since door hanger printing is both affordable and impossible to ignore, you can leverage this strategy to compete against larger companies regardless of the marketing budget gap.

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