When promoting an event or business, using posters can be a useful way to catch the attention of the local audience.

Posters provide your target audience with the necessary information, while also using an attractive design to make a strong impression.

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Here are some tips that you can use to ensure your print posters stand out in a crowd and have the desired effect on your target audience.

As a first step, you need to consider the location where your poster will be placed, and the size of the poster that you will be using, since your poster design will need to adapt to these factors.

The location of the poster also helps determine the visual clutter you can expect, and the type of audience that you will be catering to. The location is also important to finalise colours that you will use, so your poster doesn’t blend into the background.

In most cases, your poster will be read from a distance, so it’s important to ensure key information can be easily read even from a distance.

With posters, always prioritise information based on the headline, followed by key details, and finally, the fine print. The headline or business name must be large enough so it can be read from a distance, which would also then draw people closer to it, so they read the full details.

The fine print, as the name suggests, can be the smallest font on the design.

The actual design of the poster can make use of technique that would make content stand out. Contrasting colours and font sizes, and striking imagery would make the audience stop and take notice. The technique can ensure that a certain element of the poster is noticed first, followed by other secondary information.

Using one visual as the dominant image also helps place the content of your poster in context, so they know what it is about before they start reading.

Perhaps one of the more important aspects of poster design is the call to action. The aim of any poster is to encourage the audience to shop for something, or attend an event, or complete some other action.

The call to action tells them how they can complete the desired action. It includes an address, social media details, contact information, important dates and other such details that your audience would be.

You can get creative and also include the Snapcode for your official Snapchat account, which the audience can click and scan later to follow you.

The art of poster design may seem irrelevant in the digital age, but it continues to have a strong impact on the target audience when an effective design is used.

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