Aluminum Boards

Make your message loud and clear with glossy aluminum boards!

Show your signs some love by printing them on glossy aluminum boards.

These boards will give life to your signs with its shiny surface, and solid black core that’s made from composite material to prevent bowing, warping, swelling, and delamination – making them great for outdoor use!

Its sturdiness is sealed in its thickness, and you can choose between 3mm or 6mm for a true modern look. The images and words in your signs will gleam thanks to the board’s two-sided pre-mask liner that protects the surface from fingerprints, dust, dirt, and abrasion. 

These water resistant boards are the modern way to go when giving your logo/business/home a sleek look. Many industries such as real estate, retail, and manufacturing, will benefit from the durable protection these boards have to offer.

You can add an extra touch to your aluminum signs by molding them into the perfect shape. Choose from: rectangle, square, circle, octagon, arrow, star, house and apartment. Let your signs shine today!

Aluminum Boards

Rigid Signs
3mm & 6mm
Aluminum White Skin Face
* Printed with UV ink, for longer durability – scratch, abrasion, and weather resistant.
* Product durability 3-6 months.
Gloss Surface
Aluminum Board 3mm – 0.0052LB 
Aluminum Board 6mm – 0.0097LB 
* May have sharp edges.
2 Sided or 1 Sided
Hole Drilling
• 4 Corners
• Top 2 Corners
• Top & Bottom Center
• 4 Corners & Top and Bottom Center

* 0.40″ hole diameter with 0.375″ away from nearest edge(s).

Accessory options (If Applicable)
•Suction Cup N’ Hook (Pack of 2)
•3M Command Strips (Pack of 2)
•Stainless Steel Standoffs (Pack of 4)
*Accessories may vary. 
*Suction Cup N’ Hook maximum weight requirement 1.5LB per hook. 
*3M Command Strip maximum weight requirement 12LB per strip. 
*Stainless Steel Standoffs comes with mounting screws for easy assembly.
Edge Design
•Rounded Rectangle
•Rounded Square

Aluminum Signs Are Rigid Wich Allows Them To Be Mounted Without The Need For A Backing.

Lightweight, yet sturdy, aluminum is a great choice for outdoor signs!

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