Whether advertising stores, events, products or services, flyers are everywhere and they seem to have been with us forever!

Their popularity comes from their effectiveness, flexibility and low cost. But with so many flyers out there, how do you make sure yours gets noticed?

1.- Write a catchy headline: A good headline will draw people in. It can be snappy, provocative or brash. As long as it’s memorable or entices readers to find out more, your headline has done its job!

2.- Include offers or discounts: Everyone loves a special offer or the chance to get something for free. These are great ways to get your flyer noticed – and kept. You can even add coupons to your flyer. The great thing about digitally printed flyers is that you can include numbered coupons or even personalise your flyers for different customers. Check out Online Quality Printing.com for more information on how to make your flyer work best for you.

3.- Keep it simple: Remember, you want your flyer to have a simple message. It’s not the place to list all of your services or products. You can use it to drive traffic to your website or social media pages. QR codes can be included too.

Your flyer might only advertise a store name or act as a teaser, as part of a larger marketing campaign including posters and stickers. Do include your web address or contact details!

4.- Use great images:  Good images are great for attracting attention. Try to avoid bland stock imagery and be sure to use only high quality, sharp pics on your flyer. If you’re not sure if your image is right for print, simply contact our team.

At Online Quality Printing we’re always there to give help on advice on what works best for your printed flyer.

5.- Use professional design: There’s a lot of competition out there. Make sure your flyer is well designed. If that’s not your specialty or if you’re not happy designing your own flyer, hire a professional designer or have a look at the examples on Online Quality Printing.com.

There are some great ideas online and you can even download a template so you know that your artwork is right for print.

6.-Think about your paper: If you use cheap paper or poor quality print, people will assume the same qualities of your business. We print flyers on a huge range of premium papers with weights of up to 350 gsm.

There are silk, gloss and premium uncoated papers with the choice of lamination. There’s a recycled option too. Or if you need the very best, have a look at our luxury paper range.

7.- Use good content – and proof read: Like your design, your content should be well written and professional. Once you’re happy with your content, check it thoroughly – then check it again.

It’s a good idea to have someone else read over it too. You’ll be surprised at how a fresh pair of eyes can pick up something you may have missed and if there are spelling or grammatical errors on your flyer, your business won’t look professional.

However large or small your business, flyers are a proven and effective advertising tool which can really grow your brand and increase sales.

We have over 25 years’ experience of printing quality flyers for our customers. We offer a huge range of sizes, styles and shapes, so visit onlinequalityprinting.com or contact us today to see what suits you best!