Don’t be fooled into thinking that printed promotional materials are no longer important in today’s digital age. They’re more essential than ever and work perfectly alongside your marketing activity. In fact, there are few parts of your marketing mix more important than your business cards.

Put simply, Business cards are who you are.

Often given to potential customers at a very early stage in the relationship, business cards serve mainly as an introduction to your business and may be the first impression someone has of who you are and what you do. The best business cards tend to be quite simple, showing just name, contact details, logo and maybe a strapline indicating what you do.

Taking it to next stage

Prospective customers are unlikely to buy based on a business card alone. The aim of your card is to prompt the recipient into entering the next stage of your marketing or sales funnel. This usually means looking at your website, reading other more detailed marketing material, or contacting you to arrange a meeting or appointment.

Use your layout to push them in the right direction

If you want potential customers to call you, make the phone number the most prominent aspect of your card. If your aim is to guide traffic to your website, make the web address the focus. It’s a good idea to get the recipient’s name and after you’ve parted, make a note of where you met and what aspect of your business might interest them, so that you can call them at a later stage and introduce yourself with confidence.

Always carry your card

The best aspect of your business card is that you can use it anywhere; from business events, to meetings or even a chance encounter with a potential customer socially or on holiday. With the latter examples, you can hand your card over informally as way to keep in touch, rather than as an obvious sales tool.

People tend to hold on to business cards “just in case”, so even some time after you’ve met, someone may notice your card and call you or check out your website. Just because someone doesn’t need your product today, doesn’t mean they won’t need it a few weeks or even six months down the line.

Make the right impression

Whoever receives your card, remember it’s their first impression of your business, so every aspect of your business cards must be professional:


Simple, clear and professional. It may carry only basic details but it has to look good. If you’re stuck for ideas, you can have a look at some examples at Online Quality Printing.

And if you need more help with your business card, you can simply use one of our online templates. Choose one you like, upload your details and we’ll do the rest to make sure you have a professional, quality business card Virginia you’ll be proud of.

Look and feel

Consider your card choice, weight and texture. We’re proud to offer the widest range of print and finishes in Virginia, printing on a huge range of weights from a standard 300gsm, right up to a luxury quadruple thick business card at 1190gsm which will really get you noticed and stick in the memory!

There’s also an extensive choice of paper types and finishes from uncoated, matt or gloss lamination to luxury silk.

Luxury business card

Whatever you do, your business card Virginia is still one of your most important and cost effective pieces of marketing, so have a look on or contact our experienced team for help and advice.

At Online Quality Printing we really want to help your business make the best first impression.