When digitisation and digital marketing exploded into the scene years ago, many assumed that it was only a matter of time when print would become obsolete.

However, while people are spending more time online now, a recent international survey found that 65% of consumers feel they gain a better understanding when reading print, and 58% do not fully trust the advertisements they see online.*

If that doesn’t convince you, here are a few other reasons why print is still relevant today.

1) Print Stimulates Our Senses

The whole experience of engaging with print products cannot be replaced by digital screens. For instance, the scent of printing, the smell of paper, or the sound of pages being turned. Visually, our eyes are attracted to certain special effects of printing like metallic inks and foil stamping.

But what truly sets print products apart is how they feel – from silky smooth papers to rough textures, or raised coatings and soft touch applications. The sense of touch plays quite an important role in helping us evaluate the quality of the product. For example, when the paper quality is good and the surface is interesting, we tend to value the brand and the company more.

2) Consumers Give More Undivided Attention

Even when we are looking at the screen in front of us, we don’t generally give digital content our full attention. Most of us have multiple tabs opened and are usually multitasking while scrolling from one page to another.

With the plethora of information out there screaming for our attention, we have learned the fine art of ignoring digital content. Print, on the other hand, brings in the consumer’s focus and requires more active engagement.

3) Print Advertising Leaves A More Lasting Impression

According to a survey*, 46% of consumers are more likely to take action after seeing an advertisement in print, compared to seeing the same ad online. In fact, most consumers admit they do not pay much attention to online advertisements.

Another US research** also found that a print ad is more likely to stay with a consumer, as participants were better able to recall printed ads than digital ones a week later.

Ways To Incorporate Digital Marketing With Print

It is really not about choosing one over the other. In fact, when print and digital content are used together, ad campaigns become much more effective.

There are many simple ways to fuse them together, and these are some suggestions:

a) Use QR codes and add website links on print products

Connect your physical materials to your online presence by including your company website link or social media handles on printed brochures, flyers, or catalogues. Another idea is to include a QR code on your business cards. A QR code is a machine-readable optical label that stores information for reading by the camera on a smartphone. You can use your QR code to direct customers to your website or even a newsletter sign-up form.

b) Insert coupon codes in printed materials

When printing gift vouchers, discount vouchers or promotional leaflets, include coupon codes that are to be used online. For example, get your customers to redeem a 20% discount on your webstore by keying in a specific code found in your direct-mail brochure.

c) Make some printed materials available for online viewing

Create a PDF or image file of your printed document, and upload it to your website so that customers can access it online. Alternatively, you can create web versions of the document, and add links or other interactive elements within the content.

d) Drive traffic from print to web with call-to-action

Use specific call-to-actions in your printed marketing materials to lead people to your online campaign. For example, in your product brochure, encourage customers to visit a specific landing page for more information. Or, when announcing a contest in your print magazine, include a rule for participants to follow your company on social media.

At the end of the day, print and digital media have different roles to play, and when they come together, they can create a unified experience.

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