Door hanger marketing is a cost-effective way for new entrepreneurs to introduce their businesses to potential customers and generate sales. The following details why you should print door hangers when you want to grow your business fast.

Door Hangers Reach LIkely Buyers

It’s easy to distribute door hangers to targeted audiences that are likely to become paying customers. You can selectively place door hangers in neighborhoods whose residents match your customer demographics.

Doing so eliminates wasted marketing investment and increases response rates, which leads to an excellent return on investment (ROI).

Another strategy often employed by service companies, such as landscapers and contractors, is to place door hangers throughout customer neighborhoods. For example, if a roofing contractor is on the job, they can take a few minutes to place door hangers on the 20 nearest homes in every direction.

Door hangers have multiple benefits: Companies get to showcase their work to a targeted audience (neighbors), they can tell neighbors how to get in touch if they need similar work and they can sweeten the deal with a time-limited special offer. This kind of door hanger distribution works well when paired with yard signs placed on client lawns.

Door Hangers Are Impossible To Ignore

Direct mail is a powerful marketing channel, but mailers can get lost in the mix with other “junk mail”. Since they’re placed on doorknobs, door hangers are impossible to ignore.

They must be viewed independent from competing marketing materials, and they must be handled. The first job of any marketing tool is to get noticed, and door hangers accomplish that perhaps better than any other option. Potential customers are guaranteed to hold them in their hands, which increases the likelihood of response.

Door Hangers Are Cost-Effective.

Door hanger printing is affordable for any size business and, because there’s no postage involved, you can distribute door hangers for free. If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can have employees take care of distribution or hire a company that specializes in it.

If you’re a startup or sole entrepreneur, consider asking volunteers to help you distribute your first round of door hangers. Family and friends are often supportive of new business owners and might be willing to spend a morning or afternoon helping you. Thank them with a pizza party, barbeque or a cocktail party after they hit the streets.

Door Hanger Marketing Works

ROI is the name of the game, and door hanger marketing delivers response rates range between 0.5 percent up to five percent or more, though most yield a one to three percent response rate.

For example, let’s say a landscaper distributes 2,000 door hangers. They invest $250 in design and copy, $175 in printing and pay two employees $10 per hour to distribute the door hangers over four hours ($80).

That comes to a total investment of $505. The door hangers feature coupons for landscaping services that net a $200 profit for the landscaper.

If the door hangers achieve just a one percent response rate, the landscaper will earn 20 new customers and gross $2,000. Subtract the $505 investment, and they’ll net $1,495 from their campaign.

Now, let’s say the lifetime value of each customer is $2,500. With 20 new customers, over time, the landscaper can expect to yield $50,000 from their $505 investment ultimately!

Door Hangers Marketing Tips

Use these tips to maximize your door hanger marketing ROI:

  • Spend time on market research so you can target the best neighborhoods.
  • Earn more with premium door hanger printing, since customers equate the quality of your marketing materials with the quality of your products and services.
  • Add a time-limited coupon to motivate quick response.
  • Create a compelling offer customers will act on.
  • Command attention with an exciting headline.
  • Keep it simple: Try large, bold text that’s easy to read, attention-getting colors, product images or service results, testimonials and plenty of white space for a clean and compelling visual customers will find attractive.
  • Save money by doing your own distribution, getting volunteers or having your lowest-cost employees do it.
  • Repetition sells, so distribute door hangers to the same neighborhoods multiple times throughout the year.
  • Consider timing: What time of year are customers most likely to buy? For example, spring is a good season for landscapers, lawnmowers and roofers.

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