In today’s competitive market, even the youngest consumers can easily access information with a single swipe on a smartphone.

With the world at every customer’s fingertips, it’s very important for a business to find ways to stand out in the crowd, to reach new audiences and capture their attention.

Do not forget that marketing is a critical component of a company’s success.

We’ve put for you 5 tips for self-promotion to help you take your business higher, further, faster.

Brand Everything

Place your logo front and center and directly in the hands of your audience.

Wear branded apparel on sales calls, at conferences, and around the office. Showcase your brand at trade shows with easily portable, noticeable banners.

Don’t leave home without eye-catching business cards. Get creative and find a promotional item that relates directly to your product and services or that your customer will use frequently.

Every time they pull that mugg out of the utensil drawer, they’ll think of you.

Get Social

According to Fotor, 48 % of americans have interacted with companies and institutions through social media at least once.

Social media provide an easy, affordable way to promote your business.

Decide what you’d like to achieve through social media marketing and use the platforms that will work best for those goals. Create engaging posts that accurately portray your brand and will capture the attention of your audience, and then post consistently.

Tell your story and engage with your audience.

Email Marketing

Because the changing algorithms of certain social media platforms have made getting noticed more difficult, many businesses have turned to email marketing.

In an email newsletter, you can share your news in a visually compelling way. Convenient services like Mailchimp, Aweber, GetResponse, etc, have made email marketing more accessible for all businesses.

Start building your mailing list today; include a form on your website and on social media platforms.

Share your latest newsletter and invite others to sign up.

A Good Word

A good word goes a far way.

Create a campaign or implement a regular process to gather customer testimonials.

Consumers expect a company to sing their own praises; others doing so adds a level of credibility. Clients and customers can write reviews on social media and search platforms like Google or Yelp.

Add a form to your website to collect opinions. Once you’ve got the testimonial, share it with your audience in a creative, memorable way.

Connect With Your Community

Get hyperlocal and reach consumers in a specific area through community advertising.

Business directories and area guides for cities and Chambers of Commerce provide valuable information for residents, other consumers, and local companies.

Many cities distribute a monthly newsletter. Typically, these types of publications draw a high readership percentage, providing an excellent opportunity to get your brand in front of thousands.

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