It’s official – static websites are a thing of the past.

Rather than hard-coded pages, websites built on a content management system (CMS) allow a dynamic, flexible online presence that grows alongside your business.

WordPress is our favourite CMS for business websites, and it’s not just us – WordPress is now estimated to power over one-third of the web. What began as a simple blogging platform has expanded to become a powerful tool for businesses to efficiently manage their online presence and promote their services.

WordPress is easy to use

Usability is arguably the foremost consideration, and in our opinion no other CMS comes close. As well as an intuitive dashboard, the WordPress page editor is also simple and straightforward – if you can use a word processor, you’re already there.

You can also easily add images, galleries, links and more, without any coding knowledge.

The ability to manage your own site through a CMS also means that you don’t need to rely on a developer to add new content – the browser-based interface allows you to update your site at any time of the day or night.

WordPress is good for search engine optimisation

The format and structure of WordPress also means that it is easily read and indexed by Google, which is great for SEO. You can also set keywords, titles and other meta information on a per-page basis, allowing you to optimise each of your webpages for maximum chance of Google exposure.

WordPress is open source

“Open source” is a development term which basically means that as a platform, WordPress is publicly available for free.

Multiple developers are testing and adding to WordPress all the time, making it a rock-solid CMS solution. Building on an existing framework, rather than starting from scratch, also means that your site is up and running faster and for less outlay.

WordPress allows an amazing range of extended functionality.

The open source nature of WordPress also means that developers around the world can publish additional features in the form of “plugins”, offering a wide array of extra features for your website, including eCommerce, booking calendars, social media integration and more.

The other plus is that your WordPress website can expand with your business, without the need to start again from scratch to accommodate your growing needs.

This is really just the tip of the iceberg – once you start using WordPress, you’ll never go back.

So many of our clients love the fact that as WordPress web design experts, we have the expertise and passion to take advantage of the power of WordPress and make it work for their business.

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